Our Mission

Project Green and Grey is bringing the voice of those 50 years and over to the climate movement. Based in Washington DC, connected in key states and led by a veteran climate activist, we are concerned about the planet we are leaving to our children and grandchildren and we are holding those in power accountable for their response to this crisis.

Our vision for engaging people 50+ is to identify and train state-level leaders in each of our target states. We provide the tools needed for success: training, branding, list building and communications capabilities, materials, fund-raising assistance, a targeted, professional newsletter, a Green and Grey e-mail address, and a partner in DC. Our state leaders fit our demographic and are connected to our national effort.
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  • I was recently at a conference where I participated in an intergenerational panel. There were a few of us “older” folks and quite a few young folks, college and high school age. The younger ones had an edge of anger in their comments towards our generation because of the damage we have done to the environment and our apparent apathy towards solutions to climate change. I believe they had a point, to a certain extent.   I accepted what they … read more

  • I have kids, well, young adults really, and I love those kids. My kids will probably have their own kids someday and I am certain I will love them too. Right now, I just want to do as many things as I can to ensure my kids and my future grand kids have a chance to live a good life. Why am I focusing so much on the obvious? Because I want to keep it simple. I could spend my … read more

  • By Rick Gardner, Guest Columnist If you are like me, you feel some sort of impending disaster awaits us with climate change.  Clearly, something must be done to avert this disaster, but instead the deniers are out in force attempting to discredit the conclusions of 97% of climate scientists.  Reasonable people are outraged by climate change deniers, but in truth, even if the deniers disappeared tomorrow, we would still be hard-pressed to solve the climate problem. As an environmental engineer … read more

We need YOU!

Your donations help us locate, equip and connect Americans (50+) to their Legislators to demand action on climate change.

Their future, our legacy.

The climate crisis demands a response from those who have faced down wars, depressions, recessions and existential threats.

Do Good. Feel Good.

It’s the right thing to do.