Project Green and Grey testifies at EPA hearing in favor of the Clean Power Plan [VIDEO].

Dear members of the panel:

I am here to speak in favor of the Clean Power Plan.

I am the Executive Director of Project Green and Grey, a non-profit that is working in key states to bring the voice of those 50 years and older for climate solutions. I started this group because, like many who are 50 years and older, I am a parent and I have a duty to my children, my future grandchildren and I have a duty to the generations to come. Project Green and Grey supports the Clean Power Plan because it is the action that we have been working for. More action is needed to truly address the climate crisis but the Clean Power Plan is best, most strategic place to start.

Parents and grandparents, over the course of raising their children do countless big and small things to ensure that their kids have a chance to experience all that life has to offer. They do these often difficult things with a joyful and grateful heart because they can do no less. The feel the same way about their grandchildren. Many of these same people are making the connection that work is not done unless we ensure a livable planet for their children and all children and grandchildren. It is an unprecedented challenge, no doubt, but as my Irish mother liked to say, “many hands makes for light work.” Collecting these many hands is the challenge for groups like ours.

The Clean Power Plan is our best chance to address the largest source of carbon pollution and climate change. Let me tell you why the Clean Power Plan has the support of many groups, including Project Green and Grey and many of those 50 years and older that care about the world we handing to current and future generations:

The Clean Power Plan gives states the opportunity to create their own customized plans.
o States will have maximum flexibility to design a cost-effective way to reduce carbon pollution and create jobs in the clean energy sector.

o States have a tremendous opportunity to lead in clean energy development, cut electricity bills, and protect public health by reducing carbon pollution.

o An overwhelming majority of governors have recognized how the Clean Power Plan can improve their economies and their environment and are already preparing plans to meet their targets.

The proposed Federal Implementation Plan will be good for those states that are unwilling to meet carbon pollution reduction targets in the Clean Power Plan.
o For states that do not create their own plans to cut carbon pollution from power plants, the EPA has provided a federal guarantee for reducing carbon pollution and protecting public health.
o It provides help to states that decide to forgo creating an individual plan based on sound science and aimed at protecting public health from power plant carbon pollution.
o The proposed Federal Plan also will serve as a model plan states can use as a resource to develop their own plans.

However, states should control the process and seize the opportunity to create their own plans to reduce carbon pollution in the most cost-effective way. They should not ignore the law and leave it to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


o Governors know what is best for their states. That is why the Clean Power Plan places states in control when it comes to reducing carbon pollution from power plants.

o Some congressional climate deniers, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have urged states to defy the law and refuse to create a plan to comply with the Clean Power Plan.

o States should instead ignore Senator McConnell because his only goal is to dismantle these lifesaving and common-sense environmental protections. He has no plan to protect Americans from climate change.

o States’ rights are best protected when governors and other local leaders make the decisions about how to protect their constituents from pollution. States should seize the opportunity to reduce the dangerous carbon pollution driving climate change and speed the transition to a clean energy future that creates jobs, improves our health, and safeguards our future.

Project Green and Grey will continue to work to support the clean power plan. We hope that all see the problem and those that do, support the Clean Power Plan. #TheirFutureOurLegacy